Don't Let The Tax Office Rob You

Beat The System... Legally

While Focusing On Your Sales And Growing Your Business

Here's How we can help you beat the tax office

minimize your tax obligations & maximize your Profits

Claim & Track Every Expense

We Reconcile your books weekly and keep an auditable record of all your expenses And Source documents. Scan or snap all your invoices & receipts (Major and Minor) and put everything in a cloud folder and we will sort, log & file everything for you.

Optimize Your Cash Flow

keep an eye on your accounts receivables and accounts payables. you don't have to pay an invoice before it is due & you don't have to keep chasing your customers for payment. We provide weekly reports to point out who needs to get paid & we chase Up and remind your customers to pay you.

Streamline Your Categories

Everyone has a Chart Of Accounts for their business. However, not everyone goes through the trouble Of streamlining their expense and budget categories. We'll help you to not just streamline your expense categories, but also your expense tracking so you know the ones to keep an eye on.

Get the pulse

Have a business that maintains budgets for departments or jobs? Not A problem. Set your budget & we'll make sure that you have a budget Vs Actual report delivered to your inbox Weekly, monthly or when the job is complete. Whether you are a construction company looking for accurate job costs or a firm that tracks everything by time sheets, we can help you get the pulse of your business.

Keep Your Staff Happy

Human resources are the backbone of every successful company. So making sure that your payroll is spot on kills two birds with one stone. keeps your business compliant with authorities and keeps your human resources happy.

Sometimes Spreadsheets are the Go

Sometimes businesses require custom reports and analysis that accounting tools like QuickBooks and Xero cannot provide as a canned solution. We understand that and will have those spreadsheets delivered to you weekly, monthly Or when required.

It's Personal

We understand that you are your business. Having separate accounts or credit cards for business and personal use is ideal. However, business is fluid and there times when there's an overlap. it's best to separate your personal and business accounts. however, for occassions when life happens, we'll reconcile your personal as well as your business accounts.

beat the tax office

the Best way To beat the Tax Office Legally is by making sure that you claim and track everything Every week. we can help you Streamline your Accounts and make sure that your business is compliant And Maintains An Audit Trail. We even coordinate with your Accountant to make sure they receive everything up to date.

Virtual Bookkeeping

Powered By Virtual Bookkeepers & CPAs Who Love Numbers Like You Love Your Business

Done For You Without You Lifting A Finger

We use our experience to create yours

Serving Clients in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & UK

your very own accounts department

Accurate And Up To Date Books, File Logs And Audit Trails without
extra costs or Commitments

It's kinda like you focus on increaing your sales and growing your business & we make sure that your books are kept up to date, source documents filed and audit trails maintained without you ever lifting your finger.

Everything You Could Ever Want From Your Virtual Bookkeeping Service

  • Master Data Maintenence
  • Contact Updation
  • Source Document Auidt Trail
  • Income Enteries
  • Expense Categorization
  • Budget Vs Actual
  • Real Time Project Tracking
  • Payroll Process
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Financial Reports Requested By CPA
  • Custom Reports - SpreadSheets
  • Custom Reports And Job Analysis
  • Credit Control
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Periodic Profit & Loss Reproting
  • Periodic Balance Sheet Reporting
  • Annual Compliance Reports (1099s)
  • General Ledger Maintenence/Posting