Project Tracking & Construction Bookkeeping For Small & Medium Size Businesses

Attention: Contractors, Builders, Property Developers & Project Managers, Track Your Projects In Real-Time...

Without You Ever...
- Filing A Single Document
- Subscribing To Fancy Softwares
- Hiring Or Relying On Expensive Bean Counters

(It's kinda like, you focus on your Project and we do everything behind the scene & make you & your business shine with lenders & auditors)

Here's A litmus test...
If you can honestly answer this question, you can leave this page right now...

Scenario: You are four months in a construction project; your trades are acting up, you are slightly behind schedule on a job that you secured by dropping your price to stay competitive, thinking it would keep your team busy.

What is your cost to complete this Project?

If You Don't Know The Answer Or If You Cannot Find Out The Answer By Clicking No More Than A Couple Of Clicks, Then You Need To Keep Reading.

Here's The TRUTH...

It is exteremely difficult for 95% of small to medium size contractors and builders to know the Cost To Complete; of their projects; at all times.

Most small and medium-size contractors & project managers will Find it Difficult to answer this question accurately.


  • They usually have too much on their plate and are busy putting out fires.
  • Amidst all the chaos on a worksite, tracking budgets, organising invoices and paperwork is the last thing on their minds.
  • Their cash flow management is non-existent. If Account A for Job A has the money, and Job B needs some invoices paid, they are robbing Paul to pay Peter left, right and centre. And when's it's time for reconciliation – they've got no clue as to who was who in the zoo.
  • Their construction bookkeeper does not care about correct project tracking or allocating transactions in cost codes. If at all, a bookkeeper will only allocate everything into a few key parent categories – which is fine from an accounting point of view – but is useless for knowing the actual cost of the project or from project accounting purposes.
  • Even if they have software, either their PO's or Change Orders are falling through the cracks or are non-existent.
  • Their construction bookkeeper would only update their books once in 4-6 weeks. Meaning, most of the time, they are flying blind.

But that's not the end of the problem...

It gets worse...

Here's the real problem you're facing…

  • You almost always have to drop your price to win jobs, hence attracting and taking on jobs that cost you money.
  • Anytime you get a new job, you are not entirely confident of your allowed costs because you have never analysed a job post-completion. In other words, there is no benchmark.
  • You are missing out on discounts and are getting hit with excessive fees and interest.
  • You have no negotiation power because you have no record of what happened in the previous Project.
  • You occasionally end up double paying your suppliers, trades as you have no track of which trade/supplier got paid, how much and for which job.
  • And worst of all, the jobs you do win are from people who are out there to get you. They are waiting for you to make a mistake, so they don't have to pay.

Get Your Very Own Virtual Accounts Department

It's time to Take things virtual and become a Lean organisation. gain or Maintain A competitive edge by constantly keeping and eye on your bottom line.

Let Our Bookkeeping Marines Do The Heavy Lifting For You Using Our Proprietory Methods As Well As Industry Standard Accounting Softwares.


Here's a solution…
We've Uncovered A 'New Way To Track Projects In Real Time', And We'll track your projects without you ever lifting your finger.

Yes, of course, initially we do need time to understand your cost categories and how you keep records, but with the help of our proprietary AI & systems we usually know what to do within 30 days.

You Manage & Focus On Your Job & We'll Track Your Project Budget...
No Software To Learn, No Shenanigans...

Command The Power Of Knowing Your Cost To Complete Of Any In-Progress, Development Or Construction Project That You Ever Undertake From Here On Now... Without Ever Fumbling Over Invoices, Bills, Purchase & Change Orders. Imagine The Power Of Real-Time Project Tracking & Knowing The Exact Budget Vs Actual Position Of Your Project At Any Given Time. You Don't Need To Image Anymore As This Is Exactly What We Do...

Here’s How Lead Books Is Different...

  • We are not asking you to do a course or training or mentoring.
  • We are not trying to offer you consulting.
  • We are not trying to sell you a software.

We are simply saying, We’ll just do It for you...

Give Us Just 3 Things And We'll Give You Back An Ever Updating Budget Vs Actual Report For Each Of Your Projects.

1. Project Budget

Either use our free LeadProject Budget Application or give us your own project budget in a spreadsheet and we will give you an ever updating
Budget Vs Actual with monthly cashflows and profit and loss, + numerous other reports. All reports get updated in Real-Time as and when new source documents are shared or when a new transaction hits your project bank account.

2. Source Documents

Never search for a project document again.

Simply put all your project documents including quotes, invoices, purchase orders, bills etc. in a shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder & we will give you your LeadLog (our filing log) for you to search & share any document by over 10 different parameters like date, project, type, category, action item, company name etc. Think of it as a central File Repository for your entire company, so no one has to search for files in folders ever again.

3. Transactions

Share your project bank transactions & we will reconcile, allocate and categorise all transactions for your project with links to source documents for easy access and audit trail. 

At Lead Books we specialise in Project Budget tracking & Virtual construction bookkeeping

Without You Every Worrying About...

Filing Source Documents

Scan Or Snap and Put everything in a Dropbox or Google Drive folder and we will sort and categorise it for you. We create a Log File with Our proprietary behind the scene tech to train our team so they can recognise And Track your documents.

Searching For Files In Folders

We give you access to an interactive sheet where you can filter all your files by job, status, company/contact name, date range, etc. with a sharable link.

Budget Vs Actual

For each of your projects, we create a self-updating project budget tracking sheet which updates in real-time. You can see your real cashflow against your budgeted Monthly cash flow. This sheet includes all reports like Monthly cash flow by contacts to whom you have paid, by account heads & so on.

Maintaining Master Data 

Our team Maintains & Updates all your company contacts & cost codes to make sure that all your budgets use the same Master Data & Cost Codes.

Construction Bookkeeping

Project & Construction bookkeeping is optional. If you are happy with your current bookkeeper or accountant, we will happily provide them access to all categorised transactions.

However, if you would like us to handle Construction Bookkeeping, Our qualified accountants & Bookkeepers Will Coordinated With Our Project Tram And Make sure that your books are kept updated At All Times.

Hi, I'm Amber Khanna

I have been developing residential projects since 2012, and in my first five years, starting from scratch, I turned over $65m in development projects.

From 2012 - 2019, I operated my own residential construction company in partnership with a licensed contractor so I could control the construction of all my developments in house. And although my involvement on the actual construction site was limited, my role was to find, stack, track, finance & execute developments from start to finish. I had to track real estate development as well as construction costs for my business as well as my investors and report to them weekly.

I soon realised that so called construction bookkeepers, even the ones who were charging me $50/hour – had no clue as to what was going on. Things were happening so fast on-site that bookkeepers were always behind and could never give me an accurate cost to complete for my projects. And I hated it because these were financial aspects of my projects that I couldn't keep any tabs on.

I tried many of the shelf construction softwares for the construction company. However, I found three inherent problems with them:

  • The learning curve and getting others in the company to adopt the new software.
  • The speed of data entry. Software is only as good as the Data you feed in it. And if your team is lagging behind In data entry, you will never know where your project stands financially.
  • Task & Site Management Focused - most industry softwares focus on task management and task scheduling, rather than Financial tracking.  

Hence the reason I developed Lead Books, a system and a collection of proprietary tools that we use to track projects without the bells and whistles and focus on what matters the most, project's bottom line.

After managing and tracking numerous development & construction projects, I developed proprietary applications using Google Sheets that enable Me & my team to track projects & provide proficient reporting in real-time.

In 2015 I launched Property Development System, a step by step system to find, stack and execute residential development projects. Over the years, I have also created various real estate development feasibility & project budgeting applications.

You can find out more about me & my educational Qualifications here or connect with me On LinkedIn.

Construction Bookkeeping service that cuts down Your work, saves costs and time

At Lead Books, we believe there is a better way to track projects. A more valuable, less invasive and more accurate way to financially track projects, where we strive to earn our clients and their respect.

We focus on tracking projects financially to provide an accurate financial snapshot of how your project is tracking against your budget daily.

construction bookkeeping


Virtual Construction Bookkeeping & Project Tracking

Your projects are tracked by a team of highly trained real people who specialise and work on one type of task which increases productivity and minimises costs. In addition, we track all projects using our proprietary Project Tracking System as well as quickBooks. Lead Books is dedicated to provide the best possible service when it comes to virtual consrtuction bookkeeping and real-time project tracking. Managing a million invoices, project tracking, job orders, bills, partial payments, job costing, retention, payrolls etc. is our forte.

Minimize Your Tax Obligations & Maximize Your Profits

Claim and track every expense

We Reconcile Your Books Weekly And Keep An Auditable Record Of All Your Expenses And Source Documents. Scan Or Snap All Your Invoices & Receipts (Major And Minor) And Put Everything In A Cloud Folder And We Will SortLog & File Everything For You.

Optimize Your Cashflow

Keep An Eye On Your Accounts Receivables And Accounts Payables. You Don't Have To Pay An Invoice Before It Is Due & You Don't Have To Keep Chasing Your Customers For Payment. We Provide Weekly Reports To Point Out Who Needs To Get Paid & We Chase Up And Remind Your Customers To Pay You.

Streamline Your Categories

Everyone Has A Chart Of Accounts For Their Business. However, Not Everyone Goes Through The Trouble Of Streamlining Their Expense And Budget Categories. We'll Help You To Not Just Streamline Your Expense Categories, But Also Your Expense Tracking So You Know The Ones To Keep An Eye On.

get The pulse

Have A Business That Maintains Budgets For Departments Or Jobs? Not A Problem. Set Your Budget & We'll Make Sure That You Have A Budget Vs Actual Report Delivered To Your Inbox Weekly, Monthly Or When The Job Is Complete. Whether You Are A Construction Company Looking For Accurate Job Costs Or A Firm That Tracks Everything By Time Sheets, We Can Help You Get The Pulse Of Your Business.

Keep Your Staff Happy

Human Resources Are The Backbone Of Every Successful Company. So Making Sure That Your Payroll Is Spot On Kills Two Birds With One Stone. Keeps Your Business Compliant With Authorities And Keeps Your Human Resources Happy.

Got Spreadsheets Covered Too

In A Fast Paced Environment Businesses Require Custom Reports And Analysis That Accounting Tools Like QuickBooks And Xero Cannot Provide As A Canned Solution. We Understand That And Will Have Those Spreadsheets Delivered To You Weekly, Monthly Or When Required.

It's Personal

We Understand That You Are Your Business. Having Separate Accounts Or Credit Cards For Business And Personal Use Is Ideal. However, Business Is Fluid And There Times When There's An Overlap. It's Best To Separate Your Personal And Business Accounts. However, For Occassions When Life Happens, We'll Reconcile Your Personal As Well As Your Business Accounts.

Beat The Tax Office (Legally)

The Best Way To Beat The Tax Office Legally Is By Making Sure That You Claim And Track Everything Every Week. We Can Help You Streamline Your Accounts And Make Sure That Your Business Is Compliant And Maintains An Audit Trail. We Even Coordinate With Your Accountant To Make Sure They Receive Everything Up To Date.

Reports To Your Inbox

let us know the reports that you would like to see weekly, monthly, quarterly or as and when required. And we will have them delivered to your in your inbox, without you asking For Them.

Complete Construction Bookkeeping Service

  • Master Data Maintenence
  • Contact Updation
  • Source Document Auidt Trail
  • Income Enteries
  • Expense Categorization
  • Budget Vs Actual
  • Real Time Project Tracking
  • Payroll Process
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Financial Reports Requested By CPA
  • Custom Reports - SpreadSheets
  • Custom Reports And Job Analysis
  • Credit Control
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Periodic Profit & Loss Reproting
  • Periodic Balance Sheet Reporting
  • Annual Compliance Reports (1099s)
  • General Ledger Maintenence/Posting

Construction Bookkeeping &
Real-Time Project Tracking

Powered By Virtual Bookkeepers & CPAs Who Love Numbers Like You Love Your Business

Done For You Without You Lifting A Finger